About the Songs

Make Believe
This was written two years ago, so call it unrequited love from a thirteen year old point of view. Sometimes young romance isn't really so romantic after all...The signature guitar lick was inspired by Coheed and Cambria.

Pound It Out
Dave and I wrote this song together while we were on vacation in 2006. The songs we had written previously were more pop-rock oriented and we wanted to switch it up and get some more variety. So we started with a basic hip hop vibe, and once we got the melodic hook, the chorus just spilled out. Fun and sassy!

Everytime I Open My Eyes
Written by Dave when I was only eight years old...he knew I would have a CD one day (Did I mention he is my Dad??!?). A beautiful torch song about suffering through a broken heart.

Fight the Good Fight
Have you ever known someone who was into a relationship way, WAY deeper than they should be? I thought so! This song is to all teenage girls to encourage them to stay strong, and stay pure until marriage. My theory is, that's the way to find the kind of guy who'll respect himself and you - and that's what you really wanted all along, right?

Silly story. She's got a crush on him, but he's so into retro video games that he doesn't even notice her. Irreverent, fun, a great summertime out-on-the-patio-and-crank-it-up song.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving
The title says it all. So much of what we see through teenage eyes is, shall we say a tad naive at times? It's about the eye opening experiences that grow us up.

Before Your Eyes
I wrote this song about a simple, romantic fantasy I saw in my head. If you hear a little, teeny......weeny.....real itty bitty bit of country music sneaking through, I hope you can forgive me! ;)

Actually, Dave had fits over this one because the time signature of the song totally changes at the chorus. But I have to say he made it work!

Glimpse of Heaven
This was based on a dream I had where I died. What would you do differently if you had the chance to do it over? What would you do differently if you knew for 100% certain that eternal heaven was waiting for you on the other side?

I bet you'd tell someone! :)

All About You
This was a total blast! After I came to Dave with the concept and melody, he put together an infectious hip hop ballad beat and turned me loose in the studio - this was gonna be MY project! So I did what any self respecting white girl would do - called my neighbor Michael Ford over to help me! We wrote the rap together and he did an awesome job. It started off as a joke, but when it started sounding good, we took it a little more seriously.

Hero Takes a Fall
Blame Dave for this one. Seriously, this was begging to be a remake. A very catchy song the Bangles did back in the 80's. Dave created a great signature guitar lick to drive it a long and we really went to town on the vocal blend. Fast and fun.

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