Digital Downloads

Here you can get mp3's of all the songs on "Make Believe". They can be purchased ala carte for 85 cents each, or you can download the entire CD for $7.00 and burn your own copy. Easy, huh? And cheaper than a CD.

Here's the catch. We aren't very sophisticated, so we can't yet offer INSTANT digital downloads. Once you order, you'll get an email in an hour or two with a link you can click to download the mp3. So if you don't mind a short wait, digital downloads are a (fairly) quick and easy option.

Check out the songs and click the titles to order as you wish :

Make Believe

Pound It Out

Everytime I Open My Eyes

Fight The Good Fight


Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Before Your Eyes

Glimpse of Heaven

All About You

Hero Takes a Fall

If you'd like to order the entire CD in mp3 format for $7.00, click here

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